Real Experiences from Animals and their Human Companions

I don't know where to begin. Our session with Barbara was fantastic!

First of all, I want to say, that years ago I would have thought that communicating with your pet (alive or deceased) was rediculous!! 

However, 6 years ago, I lost my 18 year old daughter to suicide and have received numerous SPOT ON random and unsolicited messages from her from strangers and I NOW KNOW that this type of energetic communication is real.

Barbara, not only clearly connected to BABYCAT and shared so much insight, but also connected to our deceased pets and brought us closure, peace and joy with them.

It all began early in our session when Barbara said: Does she sometimes look at you stoically (which sounds crazy) but yes she does that and as she said it, we saw her glaring at us through the Lanai window! Then she came in and jumped up on the coffee table where we had the phone sitting. She literally sat there for the whole session... Staring at the phone... Like she knew we were talking about her and wanted to actively participate! She has never done anything like this before!! This is completely out of character for her!

Thank you, Barbara. You are a blessing to all who work with you!

I HIGHLY recommend her if you want to communicate more clearly and genuinely with your pets!!

                                    Catherine T. and BabyCat    April  2019

For those who are open to a deep and insightful pet experience...call Barbara! 

She connected me with all of my pets both living and passed and was a true comfort . Barbara is the real deal👍🏼🐾 

                                          Vanessa Williams    May 2018

 Barbara has been doing pet readings for me for 14 years. She was my very first intuitive. I didn't understand the intuitive world until I met Barbara. She taught me a lot all the while assisting me with my connection with my dogs both alive & past. She is always dead on as a medical intuitive both present & future, told me things no one but me could have known. I can't recommend her enough." 

                                               Cassie M.    Sarasota, Fl.

BabyCat  during her animal communication phone session

BabyCat during her animal communication phone session