Bandit - Rescued from Auction

Since childhood, I have be able to perceive the inner world of animals.  When I stand beside an animal, look into their eyes or think about them, sounds, feelings and information spontaneously pour into my body and mind.  Throughout my life the animals themselves have taught me how to perfect this process.  I am able to physically feel what your pet is experiencing in their body, see out of their eyes, know their thoughts, feel their emotions and understand the circumstances of their situations.  Essentially, I merge with them.  While communicating I am also receiving insight into your unique relationship with your beloved pet.  I intuitively gather this information and simultaneously send you and your pet compassionate, practical and lasting resolutions.

Communicating with a horse

I am able to connect with animals who have passed on and I can search for lost pets.  I help you with your pet's behavioral issues, wellness concerns, end of incarnation transitions, rescue, adoption and training.  

 I offer phone and in person consultations.  My sessions are a comfortable conversation offered in a calm, loving format.  The consultations are experiential.  I facilitate a process which allows your pet to freely bring us a detailed understanding of how they perceive and experience their world.  You will gain many insights and answers.   It is a wonderful and natural way to optimize the bond you have with your beloved pet.

Wylie, Ruby and Jhombi.  Family rescues

Additionally, I facilitate animal communication workshops, study groups, lectures and webinars. One of my favorite aspects of this work is coaching people who want to become animal communicators. 

I consider the ability to telepathically communicate with all animals to be  innate while naturally utilizing our sentient universal language.  My immersion into the practice of animal communcation or as a pet psychic is informed by my lifelong connection to our natural world, ongoing "paranormal " or multidimensional experiences along with many years of study in the ancient practices of Taoism, QiGong and Shamanism.  It is my core belief that animal communication can open a doorway to our highest human potential.

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