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The 5 Foundations of Animal Communication.  


This experiential workshop will focus on the Consciousness of the Animals and how to clearly communicate with them. We will begin with a Power Point presentation outlining the energies, ethics and techniques involved in Animal Communication. We will identify and enhance your innate skills and natural abilities to telepathically hear, feel and understand the Animal’s responses and circumstances. We will practice communicating with Animals that need our help.  We will learn how to negotiate solutions and how to create positive outcomes for the Animal and their Human partner.   This workshop is geared to give you an understanding of how your emotions can positively affect and benefit Animals you want to help. You will experience this workshop from the Animal’s perspective. 

Advancing Your Communication Skills

(In person seminars and webinar format)

Part 1  The focus of this workshop is the technique involved in resolving behavior problems, the effect prior circumstances have on an animal's situation and aiding in the healing of health concerns.  We will focus on optimally navigating through a communication.  This includes gathering subtle information while creating a trusted bond with the animal you are helping. You will see the importance and hold  the intentions of all the humans involved while simultaneously enhancing your claircognizance of the animal's perceptions and wellbeing. We will practice multi-tasking all energies while reading current case studies.  I will help you integrate and utilize modalities you have studied and currently use.  

Part 2.    The focus of this workshop is end of incarnation transitions, animal mediumship and lost or stolen pets.  You will learn how to use your energies in a clear and balanced field in the midst of all the emotions these topics evoke.  We will build on skills gained in Part 1.   While transitional times are a deeply profound experience for the human and animal, you will learn to confidently receive truths and transmit comforting energies to everyone involved.  We will practice receiving messages and perceiving energies and beings on the other side.  We will discuss how to feel and answer questions on reincarnation.  I will guide you through the issues we must consider while urgently searching for a lost pet.  We will determine a starting point to gather pertinent information and utilize tools to access an animal's direction, situation and location.  We will discuss and practice harnessing all available support to obtain the best possible outcome.  


The 5 Foundations of Animal Communication.  

Sunday March 31st, 2019  2-5pm  $45

30 Ridgedale Avenue, Suite 208
East Hanover, NJ  07936 

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