St Francis Formulas

Flower Essences for Animals

I have developed the St Francis Formulas to help the animals while they are adhereing to our social and personal expectations.  The animals collectively informed me of a combination of flower essences they knew would help them.  They told me there are specific issues they have difficulty with and this is true of the majority of the domesticated animals on the planet.  There are underlying circumstances the animals experience during their life journeys which are usually overlooked and cause stress.  The formula Acclimating can help our beloved pets gain balance and a sense of ease in their domestic environments, in their relationshops and in their purpose for becoming our lifelong partners.

Flower Essences for People - To Enhance Your Ability to Communicate

Within our human potential exists an innate ability to telepathically communicate with animals.  Reawakening supports our receptivity of information and feelings in order to fully perceive and understand an animal's inner experience.  It helps to clear any overlay of human emotions or triggers preventing misinterpretation while communicating. 

Deepening enhances your newly reawakened skills.  It activates our vast subtle senses allowing a stream of frequency to bridge human and animal consciouness.  This creates a powerful doorway for the animals to embrace our loving intentions.  Spiritual truths  may be revealed on individual and collective levels. This knowledge will expand our awareness, enrich our lives and create wellbeing for the many animals and sentient beings on our planet.

More info on Flower Essences

Flower essences are created from a sun infusion.  They are organic, biodynamic and vibrational.  I have intentionally created them with the collective power of the animals.  I have potentized the pure spring water through prayer and blessings.  They are gently preserved with organic alcohol.  The essences have a subtle power embodying the bio-enegetic imprints of each flower.  Each flower's life force energetically influences the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the animal or human.

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