The Animals’ Souls Are Speaking…
For those who are open to a deep and inciteful pet experience… call Barbara!  She connected me with all of my pets both living and past and was a true comfort.  Barbara is the real deal.
                                             Vanessa Williams  May 14, 2018


Barbara has been a truly wonderful support for me and my furry family members during many crises. She is truly a gifted communicator with our little loves. She is a loving knowledgeable resource when having to make difficult decisions concerning their health. She has been right on when my furry ones have been in distress. She was able to calm them and guide me on how I can best help them. Barbara is my go to person. Don’t hesitate to ask for her help. I will be eternally very grateful to her.

                                             Wanda Ferrauiola  May 2018


The morning of January 12th, 2010 was one of the worst days of our lives. Dempsey, our 6-year-old Boxer, chased after a deer and got lost. My husband and I immediately searched the entire neighborhood and woods that border our property to no avail. We were petrified that something bad would happen to him and began posting links on the Internet and signs and flyers all over town. Our family and friends went out everyday for hours looking for him.

Barbara saw one of my postings and called me on January 14th. I did not believe in psychics or animal communicators and thought her call was a scam so I thanked her and said I did not need her services at that time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After 6 days of endless searching my family was grief stricken and desperate for help. I decided to call Barbara back and accept her help.

When we spoke on Sunday morning the weather was getting very cold and it was sleeting. We were so afraid that Dempsey would not survive. Barbara told me that he was alive and was doing fine. She said he had hurt his foot, but it was not serious and I should not give up hope. She prayed and told me that I should keep searching and that he would be found the next day.

On Monday morning my husband and daughter resumed searching again. At 11:30 my daughter called me crying that she had seen him in the woods but he ran from her, as he had done with everyone that had seen him over the past six days. I immediately called Barbara and asked her what to do. She told me that she would let Dempsey know that he should stay in the area and not run anymore. She felt strongly that we would find him within the next couple of hours. I frantically drove home and prayed for guidance on where to search. I felt a need to go back to an area deep in the woods where he had been spotted the day before.

I went into the woods and up a hill to get a better vantage point, praying the whole time and remembering Barbara’s words. As I walked towards the ridge, I looked over the edge and saw Dempsey standing there looking up at me. He did not move towards me or away from me. He just stood there anchored to the ground, as Barbara had said. My heart was pounding and my eyes filled with tears as I slowly approached him and grabbed his collar and held him tight until my husband arrived to help get him home.

Other than losing 10 pounds and having a cut on his foot as Barbara had predicted, he was in great shape. Needless to say, he is the king of the house now and is being showered with love and attention. I can’t thank Barbara enough for her help. The whole experience has renewed my faith in people and divine intervention.

— Ann Marie, New Jersey

It was Thursday July 2, 2009,and my dog had been missing for three days. Signs, flyers, visits up to the pound, and still there was not a single phone call or sign of her. I had started giving up hope when a good friend gave me Barbara’s phone number. I was an admitted skeptic of animal communicators, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I gave her a call and was absolutely shocked when she was able to come up with such small details that even people that personally saw the dog each day wouldn’t know. 

She mentioned her toenails which I had to embarrassingly admit I had painted hot pink.  She knew where she slept in the house and what color her favorite chair is. She mentioned a name “Brian” that seemed to have no relevance to me at the time. She told me to wait until after July 4th, and then I would find her.  Six days?! I would have to wait six days?  No way I thought.  So I kept looking and very unsuccessfully I might add.

Sure enough, six days go by and on July 5th I get a phone call from a man who has my dog.  I thank him profusely. I was so ecstatic I almost forgot to ask his name. As I was about to hang up the phone I asked and found out his name was “Brian”. 

It was a very happy ending and an excellent experience. My eyes have really been opened to animal communication and the gift that Barbara has. I am so thankful my friend convinced me to give her a call. Jenny is back home where she belongs.

— Jill, Sarasota, Florida

I have witnessed amazing outcomesafter Barbara’s consultations. When my daughter was preparing to go away to college she had the wonderful opportunity of being able to take her horse, Joey, with her to school. I asked Barbara to talk with Joey to see if he was willing to go with her. Prior to this he had been living with a number of other horses on a big farm in Virginia. I thought it would be a huge change for him.  He would also have to travel in our two horse trailer for eight hours to Ohio. In addition to traveling to school in Ohio and back home to Virginia at the beginning and end of the school year, he would also have to be transported home at Christmas and then back to school in January each year. Traveling by himself was never something he was fond of. 

When Barbara first tuned into Joey she said he felt sad and he felt like crying. I told her the situation and that I wanted him to go to school with Meg. I wanted him to take care of Meg and let him know that he would be in a stall much longer than he is now. I wanted Joey to know that he would have to travel by himself in a trailer for at least eight hours.

Barbara explained all of this to Joey as well as telling him what an important job this is and that only he could do this for Meg. All I can say is that this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Barbara said he understood and was now willing to go.  He knew he could do this and was now excited about going. Joey understood that he would be in a stall longer and that he would have to travel alone in a trailer. He now wanted to do this with Meg and felt he had an important job to do.

When it was time to leave for school Joey stepped right into the trailer, rode quietly all the way and adapted quickly to the school routine. The whole experience has been nothing short of amazing! My daughter graduated from college in May 2009. Joey, Meg and I have made fourteen trips back and forth to school over these four years. Joey has been wonderful and we attribute this whole fabulous experience to Barbara Goodfriend. She loves the animals and her kindness and goodness shines through to them. I firmly believe the animals understand us if we take the time to explain a situation to them, but Barbara has a tender touch and a way of explaining to them that is beyond words. 

— Joanne, Warrentown, Virginia

Many times my clients have said to me,“I just wish I knew how my pet feels and what they are thinking”. Animal communication is a credible way for us to understand what is happening to our pets, and an opportunity to learn about their feelings and desires.  Barbara has the unique gift of being able to connect with the animals and translate that information for their caregivers and medical team. My clients have been impressed and very grateful for the insight that Barbara has provided.

— Dr. Cynthia Juday, Integrative Medical Center for Animals

I had a very aggressive dogthat not only would go after other dogs but people as well.  Barbara and I are friends and I was very anxious about her bringing her dogs over because of my dog Diva. She told me to give Diva to her and that she would take all the dogs for a walk. I was horrified! She told me to stay behind because my nervousness was only making matters worse. I could not imagine how this could ever work out. Next thing I know she is back with all the dogs walking together and is able to let Diva off the leash with her dogs in the backyard. I thought it was nothing short of a miracle.

— Gail, Sarasota, Florida