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Barbara Goodfriend Lecture on Animal Communication
Hosted by Renae Jensen – The Holistic Evening Expo

The Holistic Evening Expo was so delighted to host Barbara Goodfriend who introduced the world of Animal Communication to a packed room of expo guests. Renae Jensen’s website ________________________________________________________________
Barbara’s Articles on Animal Communication
Barbara is now the national writer on animal communication at
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Talking to animals  

Planning a trip with your dog

How animals perceive time

Training with animal communication

Rescue dogs hop a flight from Gulf region to better life

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PilotsNPaws, an online forum that connects animal rescue groups and volunteer pilots, moves thousands of homeless pets each year.  The weekend of September 18th, 2010 pilots and other volunteers will participate in the Pilot N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway, trying to relocate animals from the Gulf Coast disaster areas to shelters and fosters in other parts of the country. “These animals need help now” says Debi Boies, co-founder of Pilots N Paws, “Many had families who loved them and are victims of the oil spill.  Their owners have lost their jobs, their homes and are barely surviving.  They no longer have the means to care for their pets.”


The Gulf Oil Disaster
Hear Barbara’s Radio Interview on the Hilary Raimo Show
Archived Hilary Raimo Radio Show  June 25th, 2010
Scroll down to 2010-6-25 on the Hilary Raimo Show Page.

Click here to hear a Special two hour show on the Gulf situation featuring: Dr. Riki Ott, UN Environmental Adviser Peter Taylor, Mayan Elder Barbara Hand Clow, Dr. Ian Prattis, Animal Communicator Barbara Goodfriend, author Gail Swanson.

Barbara Goodfriend: Animal Communicator shares a special message from the sea animals of the Gulf of Mexico. Animal communication is understanding spoken between species whose hearts and minds are linked through mutual love. It is a thread that weaves interaction in the wild. It brings us deeper levels of compassion and learning in the domesticated world. It is very tangible and beneficial for both the animal and human involved.