Wisdom is Your Ancestry…


People constantly ask me is it really possible to communicate with animals? YES!  Everyone has an innate ability to communicate using this universal and natural language.


Group Gallery
This is a two-hour event.  Each person will receive a mini reading.  We explore your pet’s perceptions and gain a deeper understanding of you and your pet’s unique relationship. Bring your questions. Please email me if you are interested in scheduling a private or in home group gallery for family and friends.

Animal Communication Workshops
The Language of the Animal Kingdom
Reawaken and Enhance Your Innate Skills of Interspecies Telepathic Communication. Learn techniques to communicate with your pets, animals in the wild and animals who impact our lives.

1.  Introduction to The Language of the Animal Kingdom
    * We begin with the basics of recognizing signals, sounds and sensations
       you will receive from the animals.
    * We will explore and define which techniques are most comfortable
       and accessible to you.
    * We will discuss the ethics of animal communication.
    * You will practice sending and receiving information while in conversation
       with an animal.

2.  Advanced Communication Skills
    * We will focus on navigating through a communication.
    * We will discuss the many elements that can affect you and the animal
       as you are gathering information.
    * We will discuss behavior problems, health issues, prior circumstances,
       end of life experiences and missing pets.
    * We will work through real case studies and discover techniques
       to bring answers and resolutions to these issues.

Study Group
We will practice communicating with animals remotely and in person.  The intention of this class is to gain a deeper connection to your abilities and to animals in need.  At times the group will go to shelters and sanctuaries to help homeless and rehabilitating animals.

This is a ninety-minute class limited to eight people.  It will be offered four times a month.  This class will be built around case studies.  It will be an open forum designed to develop your communication skills and discuss results.


I am available to work with you one on one as you become a professional in the field of animal communication.  We focus on navigating through the communications while creating an individualized process to develop your unique talents.